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North Carolina couple runs animal rescue for huskies

Tonya Moser and Chris Weil run Weil Coyote Siberian Husky & Large Breed Rescue, Inc., an animal rescue program that spawned from Moser's long time love for Siberian Huskies, according to

Moser was in the Marine Corps when she and her fiance decided to do something about "the serious issues this county has with euthanizations," Moser told the news source.

The couple finds inspiration from Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer's philosophy on training and understanding canines. Adoptions currently run at about $200 at the animal rescue center.

“[Millan] works miracles so we implement his system here and it works. Anytime I get frustrated I just go online and watch a video as to what it is I’m to get to happen and we mimic what he does. He’s my hero,” Moser told the news source.

According to the couple, anyone can help with animal rescue efforts and help does not necessarily have to be in the form of adoption. Moser recommends donation towels and blankets and says that many people don't "realize how much a rescue can use."

Siberian huskies require high levels of physical and mental exercise, as well as a human who will act as a confident "pack leader" to the canine, reports
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