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Now is the time for "Kitten Season"

"Kitten Season" is here and animal lovers are encouraged to look into pet adoption as well as make sure that household animals are properly spayed and neutered, according to a new report from The Independent.

"Adopting a cat will enrich your life! Not only will their playful antics keep you entertained for hours, but owning a cat can reduce your blood pressure and help prevent heart disease," writes Lisa Acho Remorenko.

If one is unable to welcome a new animal into one's home now, be sure that the pets that are already part of the family are spayed and neutered. The news source suggests contacting a local Humane Society for discounts concerning such procedures, if money is an issue.

All pets should be spayed and neutered in order to prevent the animal overpopulation problem from expanding. The Humane Society reports that more than 93 million cats are currently household pets in the United States. However, spaying cats before their first litter would help lessen the animal overpopulation problem and even lead to healthier female cats. 
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