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Now is the time for states to apply for federal grants to protect endangered animals

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently accepting grant proposals from states and territories that are looking to make efforts to help animals, specifically endangered species. The Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund allocated $100 million for land acquisition and habitat conservation, according to

"These grants provide critical funding for state and territory conservation efforts for threatened and endangered species," Director Dan Ashe told the news source. "By supporting states and territories, the federal funds continue the Endangered Species Act's long legacy of protecting healthy, thriving ecosystems for generations to come."

Last year, more than $1.1 million was awarded to Texas so they could buy the 67-acre Cobb Cavern in Williamson County, which will in turn become part of the conservation efforts for the Coffin Cave mold beetle and Bone Cave harvestmen. Both of these creatures are endangered due to a loss of habitats.

The federal grants were also used last year to save animals in Hawaii. The island's conservation plan aims to protect the Hawaiian hoary bat and the Hawaiian petrel and shearwaters - tube-nosed seabirds.
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