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Organization celebrates 1,000th rescue

The Hogan Family Foundation's Lifeline 4 Paws animal rescue program recently celebrated a huge milestone - the rescue of their 1,000th dog.

Baby Ruby, a five-month-old Pomeranian, is the lucky pooch who was saved by the group. According to the Ventura Country Star, when she was found her condition was deteriorating. She had lost the use of her back legs, could barely hold her head up and was in desperate need of surgery. That is when the Hogans stepped in.

"We are so happy that we could sponsor Baby Ruby's surgery. She is now well on the road to recovery and will make a great pet for someone to adopt very soon," executive vice president of the Hogan Family Foundation, Christine Hogan, told the news source.

The Lifeline 4 Paws organization has helped rescue dogs that are often badly injured, neglected and left for dead. The group works with talented surgeons of a local veterinary practice that helps get these canines back in shape. They also work with other shelters and rescue organizations and sponsor the surgeries of their animals.

According to the Humane Society, six to eight million cats and dogs are cared for by shelters every year.
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