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Orphaned otter finds new life with kittens

After being rescued, a 6-week-old orphaned otter found a new family in four kittens that were also orphaned and living at the animal rescue shelter, People magazine reports.

Lucky the otter was found near Somerset, England, and is the only survivor of his family after his mother and two siblings died. He was rescued by the Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset and matched with the kittens after he seemed lonely.

Now, the kittens and otter are inseparable. They play together and sleep together, and share the same interests. According to the news source, the two different species both love to eat birds and fish.

The Secret World Rescue dates back to 1984 when Pauline and Derek Kidner opened New Road Farm to visitors. When the public saw the way that the pair was rehabilitating injured wildlife, they started bringing more there, and the rescue organization was formed. Officially named Secret World in 1992, it has now won awards for its contributions to animal welfare and wildlife work and is the only 24/7 wildlife rescue center in the South West of the country.
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