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Orphans Celebrate Patron of Education

These young ladies at Bachpan Girls' Home recently held Ganesh Chaturti at their school.

As part of this traditional Hindu festival, partygoers dance, sing, and throw face paint in celebration of the birthday of Ganesh, the patron of arts and sciences as well as the deity of intellect and wisdom.

Ganesh is also known for granting auspicious beginnings to new venture, something that these girls can experience because of the work of the Bachpan Girls' Home.

The Home takes in the orphans from the poorest districts and provides them with housing, food, clothing, and an education that will make possible a better life.’s charitable partner Baal Dan supports this and other orphanages in India with help from contributions from The Literacy Site’s Gifts That Give More program.

Photo taken by Camille Johnson, the founder and director of Bachpan Homes.

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