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Owners urged to take steps to protect pets

With "Frankenstorm" aimed at the East Coast, pet owners from North Carolina to New England should prepare their emergency kits now. A combination of Hurricane Sandy and a cold weather system moving into the East Coast could create storm conditions that could last for days at the end of October.

"Pet owners should be ready to bring their animals inside if they are able to wait out the storm at home, or take their pets with them if asked to evacuate. Being prepared offers the best chance for everyone to ride out a storm safely," said Ann Chynoweth, senior director of the animal rescue team for The Humane Society of United States.

Pets should be brought inside in the event of heavy downpours, storm surge, or high winds. Farm animals should be rounded up or moved to higher ground to avoid being spooked by high winds or trapped by flooding. Those left outside without any means to take cover could suffer serious injuries.

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