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Pet Airways, Guardians of Rescue to help Destiny the dog find a home

Two charitable organizations are lending their efforts to help one special dog. Destiny, a shelter pup who was supposed to be euthenized but whose identity was mistaken with another canine, is being flown by Pet Airways from Arizona to New York in order to be adopted by Guardians of Rescue.

Her cross-country voyage is just one aspect to a story that recently captured the hearts of animal lovers across the world. In mid-November a dog named Target, who helped save the lives of more than 50 people in Afghanistan, was accidentally put to sleep by a shelter after a mix-up in the canine's identity.

Destiny, the pup who was originally scheduled to be euthenized, is now set to become the mascot for Target's Law, an initiative designed to protect the rights of shelter pets.

"It seems perfectly fitting that today, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we acknowledge and bring awareness to the comfort that dogs on the battlefield provide our soldiers," said Dan Wiesel, President of Pet Airways.

According to its website, Guardians of Rescue is a nonprofit organization that aims to facilitate and foster programs that promote the benefits of humans and animals helping one another.
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