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Pet Massage Is A Wonderful Thing!

Getting a massage is a lovely experience that brings the gifts of relaxation, tension reduction, and freedom from muscle pain.  A good massage can make us feel wonderful.  So wouldn't it make our pets feel wonderful too?

It seems that massage therapy for pets is a real thing.  Whether an arthritic senior dog or a nervous and tense cat, massage can help pets show their best side, releasing positive endorphins that just make them feel good.  Massage therapy can even facilitate healing.  There are professional pet massage therapy clinics, and some vets practice massage.  According to Steven Lindsay, M.A., dog trainer, and behaviorist, just a few minutes a day of quiet massage can provide noticeable benefits to tense animals.

You too can learn the art of pet massage.  And sometimes, our more empathetic pets are a step ahead of us – massaging each other. 

Purple Paw Bling Slippers
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