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Pet food banks struggle to keep up with demand

Pet food banks sprung up everywhere in 2008 as the crashing economy caused people unanticipated financial struggles.

At first, the organizations, which provided free pet food to needy owners, saw wonderful scenarios where people on the brink of putting their pet up for adoption were able to keep it because of the free food. Now, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed animals as the demand for the free food rises, USA Today reports.

The goal of the food banks was to decrease the number of pets surrendered to shelters, but even as the economy has turned up slightly, the overcrowding at animal rescue shelters has gotten worse, the news source reports.

Pet pantry organizers are working harder and longer than ever to meet the increasing demand, like Ann King, founder of the nonprofit Save Our Pets Food Bank in Atlanta. King's organization has given out more than 1 million pounds of pet food since 2008, its website reports. King is also now a partner of Rescue Bank, and organization working to create a nationwide distribution network for donated pet food, reaching pet food banks, shelters and other groups that help animals in need.
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