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Pet insurance a draw for prospective employees

Many companies offer a variety of perks to lure prospective employees – free gym memberships, daycare facilities or extra vacation time could all tempt professionals to make a career move, and now it seems that pet health insurance might also serves as way for businesses to attract the cream of the crop.

According to the St Louis Business Journal, some pet health insurance companies, like PurinaCare, have begun to offer packages that employers can buy to provide coverage for their worker's pets.

For pet owners on a budget, pet health insurance could guard against high veterinary bills in case of an accident, and could help animals as well, as individuals with coverage will never have to decide between caring for their pet and paying their bills.

"Employers and Associations recognize that offering unique benefits like PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance as a voluntary benefit can help with their retention and recruitment," said Dr David Goodnight, president and COO of PurinaCare. "Our years of experience working with animals have shown that pet owners will go to great lengths to provide the best care for their pets."
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