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Pet rescue a major issue amidst Egyptian riots

There is a great need for animal rescue in Egypt as thousands of pets become the forgotten victims of recent riots in the nation, reports People Pets.

The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) is doing as much as it can to help abandoned animals, as owners are forced to evacuate the politically unstable country.

ESMA's staff consists of only 10 people and one driver, but there are over 600 animals in need of care.

"Any time there's a political crisis and lives get turned upside down, the animals are always going to suffer," said Dr. Kristen Stilt, a board member of ESMA, as well as a Northwestern University law professor. "There are injured animals on the street, and foreign nationals who were told to leave their animals behind. We've been getting calls from panicked foreigners."

ESMA is encouraging fundraising and increased awareness towards animal rescue, search and shelter efforts.

Hosni Mubarak, the president of Egypt, resigned on February 11 following weeks of unprecedented public rioting, according to CNN. Egyptians are celebrating in the streets of Cairo as the country's rule is turned over to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. 
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