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Pet rescue on the Baltic Sea attracts plenty of attention

When the crew of the Polish research ship the "Baltica" noticed a dog stranded on an ice flow that was at least 15 miles from the shore, they admirably came to the pup's rescue and effectively saved his life.

After the crew grabbed the resilient dog, they dried him off, warmed him up and gave the hungry animal some breakfast sausage, the Canadian Broadcasting Company reports.

In the Polish media frenzy that followed, six individuals who claimed to be the dog's owners came forward to take home the canine. However, it seems that they were either mistaken or simply fame-seekers, because Baltic, as his saviors named him, systematically rejected all six of them, according to the Associated Press.

Perhaps seven times is a charm? The hardy animal immediately took to Adam Buczynski, one of the "Baltica's" crew members, and Buczynski has agreed to keep him.

All 16 of the individuals on board the ship were gifted with medals and certificates from an animal rights group in Gdynia, and Buczynski was given a pet food donation of 38 pounds and a harness so that the water-loving creature would stay safely on the ship, according to the news source.
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