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Piglet gets rescued from Hurricane Irene floods

Severe flooding in upstate New York caused by Hurricane Irene in August was destructive to many residents, and it would have taken the life of a little piglet if she had not been rescued by wildlife rehabilitator Betty Benjamin, People Magazine reports.

The piglet was trying to climb out of a fast-moving creek that was caused by the rains of the hurricane when Benjamin saw her and rushed to help. The piglet, now named Jane, was shivering and purple from the cold, Benjamin told the news source.

She massaged her, revived her and brought her to Farm Sanctuary's Watkin's Glen in New York, where she will live from now on.

"This little one displayed so much will to live," Benjamin told the news source. "We knew she deserved to go to a place where she could be free from fear and harm."

Now, Jane will live among hundreds of rescued animals at the farm, which spans 175 acres in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, according to the Sanctuary Farm website.

"When natural disasters strike, farm animals are generally the largest population of victims," Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary's national shelter director, said in a press release. "Because they are viewed as production units by the food industry, instead of as intelligent and emotional individuals, their suffering is typically ignored."
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