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Pit bull rescued from Rouge River is in "fine shape"

A pit bull mix, approximately 5-years-old, was rescued by firefighters from the Rouge River and brought to veterinary care workers, according to a recent report from the Detroit News.

The female canine was checked for hypothermia and was described as scared, "cold, shocked and tired" when rescue workers reached her, the news source reports. However, the story has a happy ending as she is expected to survive and recover.

"She's in fine shape. She's comfortable and at a normal temperature. ...That's the best we can hope for," Katie Carroll, a Southfield center veterinary technician, told the news source.

The firefighters have given a nickname to the rescued pit bull mix. She is now known as Nemo.

Pit bulls can be socialized most effectively when they have a "calm, confident, consistent pack leader," according to As dogs, they have a deep-seated desire to please, reports the website.
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