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Pittsburgh announces free program on National Spay Day

Beginning on March 1, residents of Pittsburgh can apply to have their pets spayed and neutered for free, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

The $170,000 program was announced on February 22 by Darlene Harris, the president of the Pittsburgh City Council.

Residents can apply to participate in the program on a first-come, first-served basis by visiting the city's website, according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Each applicant can have a maximum of 5 pets spayed or neutered.

Approximately 3,925 spay and neuter procedures can be covered under the plan, which seeks to reduce costs in the long run. Pittsburgh spent over $300,000 on catching and retaining stray dogs and cats in 2010.

Participating veterinarians will come from Animal Friends, the Animal Rescue League and the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Spaying and neutering pets can decrease the risk of mammary gland tumors in females and testicular cancer in males, according to One of the top reasons for spay and neutering pets is to significantly reduce animal overpopulation.

Pittsburgh's announcement came on the Human Society-designed 17th annual "Spay Day."
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