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Polar bear and grizzly bear inbreeding highlights gravity of climate crisis

It was in 2006 that scientists were alerted to a polar and grizzly bear hybrid. Now, reports that researchers have discovered scores of further examples of Arctic creatures who are mating outside their species.

The news provider reports that the data was compiled by Brendan Kelly of the National Marine Mammal Laboratory, who noted at least 34 cases of hybrid animals.

"The greatest concern is species that are already imperiled," said Kelly, first author of the Nature comment. "Interbreeding might be the final straw."

Other hybrids that were discovered in the Arctic region were crosses between narwhal and beluga whales, as well as ringed and ribbon seals. The news source reports that hybrid animals are likely to push those endangered species into extinction.

While global warming is hurting all sorts of animals, polar bears are especially at risk. The warmer weather is forcing the animals to venture to land where food is scarce. Because of this, the endangered creatures are slowly dying of starvation.
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