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Police bust dog fighting ring

Police in Baltimore, Maryland, received an anonymous tip about a dog fighting ring inside a home and acted upon it. They rescued six canines from the house and are investigating the matter further.

According to ABC 2, when officers arrived at the property, they discovered that the home was full of dogs but there were no people present. Many homeowners in the neighborhood thought the building was vacant.

"I've been here almost a year and a half and to live in this neighborhood and have not a clue that this is going on in my neighborhood that really appalls me it's a little chilling it's really quiet," local resident Deborah Rayner told the news source.

The dogs have been taken in by the Baltimore Animal Rescue and are receiving medical care. Many of them are underfed and underweight, so the main focus for now is to get them healthy.

According to the Humane Society, some signs that dog fighting may be taking place in a neighborhood include a conspicuous number of dogs being kept in one location, as well as animals having visible scarring on their faces and front legs.
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