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Poor piglet goes from homeless to safe haven thanks to animal rescue efforts

While animal rescues that involve dogs and cats often make headline news, there's a particularly interesting pig that may deserve the world's attention.

According to, Lanore Hahn and her boyfriend, Derek Pritzl, were driving through South Dakota a few weeks ago when they spotted a homeless baby hog by the side of the road. The animal looked beaten and battered, so they decided to take it home.

"She was exhausted and dehydrated, sunburned, and you could see she had an injured front leg. You could tell she'd gone through some trauma," Hahn told the news outlet.

The kindhearted woman fed the poor animal and nursed it back to health. She later got in touch with the New York-based Farm Sanctuary, who took the perky piglet in.

Still, Hahn admits parting with her new animal friend, now named Stinkers, was harder than she expected.

"It was tough. But I felt this was a good place for her to go...they'll take great care of her," she told the news outlet.

Having a pig as a pet is possible, but requires a lot of care. According to, people who are parents to such an animal will need to "pig-proof" their home.ADNFCR-2796-ID-19919573-ADNFCR
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