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Proposed law would tighten controls on dog breeders

Missouri voters will be heading to the polls in a few weeks to cast their ballots during this midterm election season, and one law on the sheet may put tighter restrictions on the state's dog breeders.

The Marshfield Mail reports that Proposition B, also know as the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, has stirred up plenty of controversy among dog breeders and animal rights supporters.

Many statewide farm organizations, veterinary groups and kennel clubs have voiced strong opposition to the bill, which is being pushed by several national groups. The Humane Society has reportedly funded more than 90 percent of the campaign to have Prop B put on the ballot.

"Anybody in their right mind would want to stop the puppy mills and the abuse associated with them," Kim Morelock, a Springfield dog-rescuer, told the news source. "If this is what the bill were about, I would embrace it wholeheartedly."

Some believe that the bill does not do enough, while opponents maintain that it will punish those who are operating within the current laws.

Animal lovers will be able to voice their opinions as the voting booth on November 2.
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