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Puppies rescued from Pennsylvania sewer and adopted

At least five puppies were saved from a storm sewer at a burned out plant in western Pennsylvania, the Houston Chronicle reports.

A demolition crew working at the site found the puppies after their mother, a pit bull terrier, hung around them. They soon figured out that she had yelping puppies inside the building, and later found that they were stuck in the storm sewer.

The workers, from Duane Hambrick Co., called in firefighters who tried to lure the animals out with food to no avail. Eventually the puppies came out, and officials report that there were at least five in the sewer, and 10 puppies at the plant in all.

All puppies and their mother have been adopted by various people in the community, including one by one of the firefighters who rescued them, the news source reports.

The Humane Society of the United States reports that if people find a stray pet, they should find a way to safely restrain the animal to keep it in place. Luring the pet with food is a good method, the organization reports. However, if someone is in doubt about their ability to perform the animal rescue, they should call the local police or animal control agency for help.  
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