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Puppy Bowl VI will delight viewers and help animals find homes

Animal lovers might be pretty conflicted over how they choose to spend their Super Bowl weekend when they hear the details of The Puppy Bowl VI, which promises to be "300 percent more adorable" than last year, according to the Miami News Times.

The event, which airs on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. on Sunday, gathers together some of the cutest puppies known to man, and then films them playing with dog toys as they're cheered on by - wait for it - bunny rabbit cheerleaders.

And, instead of the "Good Year" blimp, fans can enjoy the sight of a blimp steered by a crew of hamsters.

And, though the event will please people, it will help animals in need find homes. The event's website claims that all of the canine players were scouted from local shelters, and that the audience will be given information about how to adopt any special mongrel that catches a viewer's eye.
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