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Puppy Tweets allows canines to take part in social networking

Pet parents who want their four-legged friends to join the social networking world now have an exciting tool at hand - Puppy Tweets. reports that the new service, developed by Mattel Inc., helps dogs convey their daily actions through a Twitter account. The strange feat is accomplished by having one's pooch wear a special tag around its neck which detects its movements.

The news source reports that tweets such as "chasing everything that moves is definitely a full time job!" or "your comforter does just what its name says it does," may appear on their account if they are extremely active or on the flipside, immobile.

The software currently has 500 canned tweets available, and users are able to retweet their messages to other users on the site.

Twitter isn't the first social networking site to welcome our furry friends into their world. Facebook currently has a DogBook feature in which pet parents can create pages for their companion and allow them to friend other animals.
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