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Rabbit mother nurses baby kittens

Six kittens were given a second chance at life by none other than a rabbit in New Brunswick, Canada, the Toronto Star reports.

The kittens were suddenly orphaned when their mother was shot and killed while outside, the cat's owners, Dave and Ruth Chamberlain, told the news source. The kittens, who still needed her nursing to survive, were greeted by the Chamberlain's rabbit, Miss California, as if they were her own.

Dave Chamberlain is amazed at how seriously the rabbit is taking her new parenting responsibility. She makes sure to feed her adopted kittens at least two to three times each day, and often cleans them from head to toe, ensuring their health.

"Some people say that animals are dumb," Chamberlain told the news source. "They're not."

Feline mothers generally rest for long periods of time, making milk available to their kittens at all times. Rabbits only give their young short periods - between two and five minutes - of feeding at a time, but Ruth Chamberlain told the news source that the kittens don't seem to mind the change in routine.

"It's amazing to see - the magic of motherhood," she said.  
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