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Rare panda cow born in Colorado

Miniature animals have been bred for years now, with many becoming popular household pets. Now it looks as though a new species is gaining notoriety among pet lovers as well.

The Loveland Reporter-Herald reports that a tiny cow, known as a panda cow, was recently born in Larimer County, a section of Northern Colorado. The creature is now just one of 24 known such animals in the world.

The news source reports that the baby bovine, named Ben, is the result of 44 years of Richard Gradwohl, a farmer in Covington, Washington.

"We had a Chinese delegation visit our farm, and they were fascinated," Gradwohl told the news outlet. "They want them in China, so we're going to be exporting."

The panda cow was likely given the name because of its appearance - aside from being much smaller than a normal cow, it has a white face with two black circles around its eyes, as well as black fur with one white stripe going down the center.

Ben isn't the only species to garner attention for its petite size. Within the past few years teacup pigs have been adored by the masses as well.
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