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Rave music thought to harm Swiss dolphin

A dolphin at an amusement park aquarium in Switzerland was found dead after a large techno party was held about 50 meters away, The Local reports.

Conservationists say that the loud music that was played throughout the 16-hour party may have damaged the animal's immune system, while others speculate that partygoers may have thrown drugs into the pool that poisoned the dolphin.

The 8-year-old dolphin, Shadow, was showing signs of distress 20 days after the party - soon after performing his regular routine, he became agitated. Its trainer tried to calm it down but the mammal stopped breathing and its heart stopped.

The party occurred just weeks after two animal protection groups has warned authorities of the way loud noises can be dangerous to dolphins.

"The sound levels which would have been heard by the dolphins is comparable with that of a pneumatic drill on top volume," Andreas Morlok, an animal rights activist, told The Daily Mail. "Before the event we warned of these noise levels and the damage which could be done and called for the event to be called off."

Others speculate that people who attended the party threw Ecstasy or a similar psychotropic drug into the pool, reports. The aquarium is still waiting for toxicology test results.  
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