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Rescue dog helps keep dental patients relaxed

Patients of Drs John and Tracy Taddey are exposed to something special when they go in for their annual dental checkup.

There to greet them is little Mona Lisa, Tracy's rescue dog who works as a therapy pooch for patients who have anxiety about going to the dentist.

"She makes people feel more relaxed," said Tracy. "She just curls up into a little doughnut on a patient's lap and falls asleep. You'd think the sound of the drill would scare her, but it doesn't."

Patients are able to go in for a consultation and discuss what work is going to be done. They then have the option of having Mona Lisa accompany them during their treatment. Most of the time, the little pooch falls asleep in the patient's lap, allowing them to pet and stroke her, helping take their mind off of the dental work being done.

Mona Lisa's situation may be interesting, but according to Therapy Dogs International, there are several other types of therapy dogs that visit assisted living facilities, hospitals and work with children.
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