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Rescue dogs help the humans who adopt them

Many people do their best to help animals in need, but sometimes it's those same furry creatures who rescue their two-legged counterparts. USA Today recently chronicled the stories of three separate adopted animals who later saved some very lucky people.

One such case involved a hound-mix from Kentucky named Digger. It was a frigid night when the 10-month-old pup began whining and begging to go outside. Once there, he quickly alerted his owner, Teresa Oney, to a woman crying for help on the other side of her fence.

"Ordinarily he'd bark and bark if something grabs his attention," Oney told the news outlet. "It was because he was so still and made no noise [once outside] that I was able to hear her. He seemed to understand he needed to be quiet."

According to the news provider, it turns out Oney's neighbor became disoriented and slipped and fell in the middle of the night. Thankfully, an ambulance was quickly dispatched to the area.

Those contemplating adding a furry friend to their family may want to head to their local rescue shelter and adopted a special, loving animal. Pets have been known to lift spirits and create happiness in home. The choice may also save their lives - and yours.
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