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Rescued Penguin Provides A Surprise

Beakie, an African penguin, was hit by a speeding vehicle last October. Left with a severely damaged beak, the small patient underwent two months of rehabilitation and then was flown to Johannesburg to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The staff at The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds originally labeled Beakie as a male but she proved them wrong when she laid two eggs at her new home.

Both Beakie and her partner Treasure very quickly became skilled nest builders. They heaped lavender, rosemary, and twigs to protect the eggs and shared incubation duties.

In June, one egg successfully hatched. Although there was some concern that Beakie might struggle to feed the chick because of her injured beak, she managed very well.

Although birds like Beakie face huge obstacles in the wild, the International Fund for Animal Welfare sees stories like this as “a true testament of the resilience of the endangered African penguin,” according to Neil Greenwood, IFAW South Africa Campaigns Manager. supports IFAW’s efforts to save penguins and other endangered wildlife through the Gifts That Give More program featured at The Animal Rescue Site and other GreaterGood websites.

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