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Rhino poaching reaches all-time high in South Africa

The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) is calling for South Africa to help animals by better regulating laws and permit requirements that are already in place. The nation has one of the largest populations of rhinos in the world - nearly 2,000 black rhinos and more than 18,700 white rhinos, according to the WWF. Already this year, the BBC reports that 341 rhinos have been killed, which is seven more than were poached in the entirety of 2010. A number of the white rhino subspecies living in Africa, including the southern and northern white rhinos, are on the endangered species list, along with four subspecies of the black rhino.

"Since armed protection for rhinos in South African national parks is strong, poaching syndicates are likely to shift to countries with weaker enforcement power, including possibly Asian countries that may be caught off-guard," Carlos Drew, the global species program director for WWF, said in a statement, according to the news source.

The last known living rhino in Vietnam was found dead last week, with a bullet wound and its horn missing, according to East Coast Radio. This, coupled with the fact that rhino poaching is increasing in South Africa could spell disaster for these creatures unless steps are taken to save the animals by providing stricter regulations of the export of rhino horns.
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