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Room To Read's efforts in Nepal create new books for kids

Room To Read NepalRecognizing that many children don't have access to books in their native language, Room To Read's Local Language Publishing program produces colorful, culturally-relevant books to excite the imagination and encourage learning. In Nepal, they have published 116 local language children's titles and distributed more than 1.5 million copies of these books.

Room To Read works with local writers and illustrators to develop more new titles every year. Some stories are adapted from local folktales; others come from various writing competitions and writers' workshops sponsored and facilitated by Room to Read.

Manuscripts are often field-tested by Room to Read staff with local children, to garner comments on plot, character development, language and general suitability for the target age group.

Once approved, these local language books are printed within Nepal, usually 5,000 - 10,000 copies per new title, and then distributed to Room To Read's network of schools and libraries, and other non-governmental organizations.

Today, Room To Read is one of the top publishers of books in local languages in Nepal. supports these efforts through donations from The Literacy Site's "Click Here to Give" program and Gifts That Give More [tm].

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