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Rowan County K-9 Shelter undergoing renovations

In Morehead, Kentucky, the Rowan County K-9 Shelter is being renovated and will receive new supplies including beds, according to a recent report from the Greenwich Time.

The animal shelter center currently transports many of its incoming animals to other places such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Such services and transport solutions help lessen the need to euthanize animals due to overpopulation.

"This shelter has gone from having to euthanize way too many animals ... down to two dogs a month," Bryna Donnelly, outreach coordinator for Animal Lifeline's Rescue University, told the publication. "We want to recruit more local kids so they can keep going when they're gone."

Animal overpopulation remains a dire problem in the U.S., where not every animal rescue shelter is a no-kill shelter. Pet owners should ensure that all household cats and dogs are spayed or neutered. According to the Humane Society, it is often healthier for a female cat to be spayed before her first litter.
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