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SPCA International helps animals in crisis around globe

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA International) recently announced that it plans on distributing more than $9 million in medical supply aid worldwide to help animals that are suffering because of global conflicts or natural disasters.

As humans around the world suffer from famine, weather disasters, political turmoil and war, animals have experienced the ill effects as well. The group said that 2011 was its most successful year of operations to date. Thanks to generous donations and grants, the organization was able to spay and neuter more than 1,100 dogs and cats over one weekend in September, and helped save the animals that were left behind in Iraq when U.S. troops had to leave.

The group completed and surpassed its 100th "Operation Baghdad Pups" mission to the Middle East in 2011, and is still working to help the animals adjust when their temporary owners leave. The program also aims to reunite the military members with their pets back at home.

"Our mission is truly a global effort and we are determined to see that this year we reach even more areas in need of attention domestically and around the world," said SPCA International's Stephanie Scott. 
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