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Same Group, Same Mission, New Name

In September, the World Land Trust-US officially changed their name to the Rainforest Trust. This charitable partner of works worldwide to preserve threatened habitat.

"Changing our name is important for several reasons. It is an opportunity to celebrate and honor our first twenty-five years. During that time we have saved over seven million acres in seventeen countries. While this is an important accomplishment, it is also a starting point for larger, more ambitious projects," said Dr. Paul Salaman CEO Rainforest Trust.

These projects include several major efforts in Central and South America, where exciting discoveries occur on a regular basis. Earlier this year, researchers working in the Serra Bonita Reserve, an area of approximately 4,400 acres and located in the Serra Bonita Mountain Range, spotted golden-headed lion tamarins moving through the lush rainforest.
“Golden-headed lion tamarins were spotted only once at our reserves, many years ago, and never seen again,” said Dr. Vitor Becker, who is Research Director for Instituto Uiraçu, the organization responsible for managing the Serra Bonita Reserve. “So there was some doubts about their presence at Serra Bonita. This record confirms that they are doing well here.”

The Rainforest Trust is assisting Instituto Uiracu to expand the existing protected areas to a total of 5,000 acres. Through the incorporation of these new lands, this reserve will prevent the further destruction of this unique habitat, which contains the highest levels of biological diversity in Brazil. As part of one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world – the Atlantic Rainforest – it is considered as one of the highest priorities for global conservation efforts. supports this and other efforts of the Rainforest Trust through the "Click To Give" program at The Rainforest Site as well as Gifts That Give More.


Dr. Paul Salaman CEO Rainforest Trust
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