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School field trip raises students' awareness of animal rights

After students at Grant Elementary School in Wisconsin donated animal food and cleaning supplies to a nearby animal rescue shelter, they were treated to a tour of the facility so they could see up-close the animals who had benefited from their efforts, according to the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

The kids also got a glimpse into the Animal Medical and Surgical Unit, and were able to see pets in kennels recovering from recent medical procedures.

Teachers are hopeful that the contact with animals in need will encourage the students to help animals whenever they have the chance, and be active and engaged members of their neighborhood.
"We're hoping they will see how important it is to take care of their own animals and [and the experience will teach] them to be responsible,"

Brenda Kraft, a first-grade teacher at Grant, told the news source. "As future community members, we want them to understand how important it is to help out with people in the community."

Perhaps some lucky student was able to convince their parent to head back to the animal rescue shelter and take home an adorable cat or dog in need.

According to the Humane Society, there are between six to eight million cats and dogs entered in shelters each year.
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