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Scottish animal rescue group saves eagle

The bald eagle may be the symbol of America, yet animal rescue activists in Scotland were recently determined to save one of the stunning winged creatures.

According to, the SPCA recently stated that a dog walker in Ardnamurchan discovered the poor animal, who was frightened, soaked with water, and struggling to fly. The Good Samaritan alerted authorities, who quickly transported her to the Fife Wildlife Rescue Centre.

After treating the animal, the beautiful bird was released back into the wild. The organization remains overjoyed at the moment, as this is the first time they have been able to rescue and release the formerly-endangered animal.

"Thankfully she had no physical injuries. She was simply naive and got caught up in bad weather so all she needed was resting and feeding up," Colin Seddon of the SPCA told the news outlet.

According to, the average lifespan of an eagle is around 30 years old. The creatures also spend their time with the same mate throughout most of their lives.
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