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Sedgwick County needs help with animal rescue

Horses are in need of adoption at the Hope in the Valley equine rescue center in Valley Center, near Wichita, Kansas, according to a recent report from KWCH News.

Animals are coming in at a rate that is exceeding the rate of adoption.

"We expect to see more of them and that's why we're pushing for the adoption of the ones we have. We have 20 [animals up for adoption] and I believe we have another 30 pending rehabilitation," Dale Butcher, a detective in Sedgwick, told the news source.

Animal adoption is one of the best ways to prevent overcrowding in shelters and animal rescue centers. Horses are not the only animals who are experiencing overcrowding. Often, animals are euthanized because of lack of space in rescue centers. The Humane Society estimates that there are currently about 93 million cats and 77 million dogs who have homes throughout the United States, and many more who are still awaiting adoption.
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