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Seniors take action to find homes for older animals

This year, Judi Leonard will Make A Difference by helping to find homes for senior pets in animal rescue shelters, USA Today reports.

The life-long animal lover learned about Make A Difference Day, October 22, last year and decided that she would make a difference in the lives of her elderly peers and senior animals by connecting the two in a program called Seniors 4 Seniors, the news outlet reports.

Leonard shared her idea with a local Humane Society volunteer, Jan Stevenson, and together they launched the project, which features fundraisers and an adoption event on October 22.

"Our mission is to find 'forever homes' for the older pets by pairing them with the young at heart for companionship and unconditional love," Stevenson told the publication. "From my standpoint, the biggest impact is help the public realize how adoptable senior animals are and how enriching they can be to a senior person's life."

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, older dogs have some benefits over puppies. They are easy to train and do not require constant supervision like puppies do. In addition, they make fewer messes and require less exercise each day, making them perfect companions for senior citizens.  
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