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Services rescue animals in the wake of Irene

Hurricane Irene left many communities on the east coast of the U.S. flooded and without power, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is helping people with their pets in the emergency circumstances, Global Animal reports.

In some of the most devastated regions, such as North Carolina and Vermont, Animal Rescue Team members from the HSUS have been assisting local animal control agencies to respond to families about pets left behind or lost in the chaos. PetSmart Charities is donating supplies and staff to the cause, helping to increase shelter capacity.

In North Carolina, the team recently took in 16 animals that were found displaced, and is providing a pet food and water rig that drew people from all over Pamlico County, the HSUS reports. In Vermont, volunteers have provided shelter for the pets of owners who have had to seek cover at shelters. In addition, they have reunited several pets with their owners.

The HSUS is working with municipal officials as well as those from the Red Cross, National Guard and Vermont Companion Animal Neutering Clinic to help people who have had to evacuate because of the historic flooding the state has experienced at the hand of Irene.  
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