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Several pet diseases linked to obesity

While almost every pet owner loves seeing the joy animals get from consuming delicious treats, sometimes over-feeding our four-legged friends does more harm than good. In fact, USA Today reports that obesity continues to be linked to some of the most pressing pet diseases out there.

"We would feed him whatever we would eat," Susan Valdez, owner of a 10-year-old miniature pincher named Muffler, told the news provider. "If we would go to McDonald's, we would give him Chicken McNuggets. If we would go to a restaurant, we would bring the scraps to him. He was extremely spoiled."

Muffler was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, and later lost his eyesight because of the illness. Unfortunately, diabetes isn't the only ailment that can affect pets - the news source reports that osteoarthritis, tears to the anterior cruciate ligaments, as well as heart and respiratory diseases are all linked to animal obesity.

Pet owners who aren't sure of how to help their pooch shed pounds may want to increase their exercise. Just 60 minutes of activity a day may be all a canine needs to improve their overall health.
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