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Shelter dogs save endangered animals

Adopted dogs can bring joy to the lives of their new owners, but they can also serve a very useful purpose for conservation scientists, according to

Working Dogs for Conservation (WDC) adopts high-energy dogs from shelters to train and use during non-invasive scientific inquiry, conservation and management, according to its official website. Scientists use the dogs mainly to sniff out endangered species as well as invasive species to further conservation methods.

"It can be as daunting a task to locate the signs of elusive wildlife species (e.g. scat, urine, hair, dens) as it is to locate the animals themselves," WDC states. "This is especially the case in rugged terrain and with species that are nocturnal, cryptic, wide ranging or rare."

In addition, the dogs are able to find a species that would be harmed if it came into contact with humans, the news source adds.

While promoting the conservation of nature, the program also helps shelters by adopting dogs with traits that make them less desirable to potential owners, the news outlet reports. Their high energy levels and obsessive play drive make them difficult pets but perfect working dogs for WDC. 
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