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Sick puppies walk to hospital for help

Two emaciated, sick puppies in Corpus Christi, Texas, did not wait for humans to find them. They marched into a nearby human hospital and waiting patiently in the lobby until doctors and nurses treated them, The Huffington Post reports.

Doctors at Chrisus Spohn Shoreline decided to help the puppies when they came through the glass doors of the facility.

"I think they heard that we give compassionate care here," Dr. Jim Cato told KIIITV 3 News. Although he is used to helping human patients, Cato and his team treated the emaciated dogs by feeding them sausage and bacon before calling an animal rescue organization to take them in.

Staff members at the hospital gave the puppies plenty of TLC while they waited to be rehomed, the news outlet reports. In addition to petting them and playing with them, one secretary even allowed one of the canines to curl up under her desk for a much-needed nap, the news outlet reports.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society said they would take the puppies in if they were dropped off, so Cato carried them to the news station's van which then delivered them to their temporary homes. 
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