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Six stolen swans return home

It looks like the tale of nine beautiful swans that were stolen from Lake Eola in downtown Orlando may not have such an ugly ending.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, six of the gorgeous birds have already been recovered. Authorities located two of them after receiving an anonymous tip, while another four were found at the Williams Exotic Waterfowl Lake in Butler, Florida.

Travis Williams, who runs the animal rescue sanctuary, told police he purchased the winged creatures from a pet store.

"It's beyond me," Williams told the news outlet. "My whole family is in shock."

While police are still looking for the final three birds, they believe they have a good lead. Until then, they are hopeful the culprits understand the seriousness of the situation.

"People know the swans belong in their natural habitat," Jones told the news outlet. "They are part of the City of Orlando and they were not for sale or for someone to steal. They were purchased for residents and visitors to enjoy."

According to, swans feed on the water and land in their surroundings, and are almost entirely herbivorous.
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