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Smallest Yorkshire terrier gets World Record

Terriers were bred to work, but today many people don't always see the drive of the smaller varieties in this dog breed category. Lucy the Yorkshire terrier recently proved that size is not everything when she earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's smallest working dog.

The 2 ½-pound pooch beat out the record's former holder, a Chihuahua from Japan that worked as a search and rescue dog for the police. Lucy is a therapy dog through the Leashes of Love program based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, The Huffington Post reports.

She makes weekly rounds to hospitals, nursing homes and specialized schools in Smithville, New Jersey, visiting people with disabilities, troubled youth and seniors.

"Because she is so tiny, people are drawn to her - she stops traffic," Sally Leone Montufar, Lucy's owner, told NBC Philadelphia.

Lucy now serves a good purpose in life, but it was not always this way, according to the Daily Mail. A woman carried her into the boutique that Montufar worked in in a Juicy Couture handbag, saying that she was going to take the dogs to a shelter. One of the least healthy-looking dogs, Lucy attracted Montufar, who vowed to help her. Now, she returns the favor by helping others. 
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