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Sneakers Gets A New Home

Sneakers (left), a nine-month-old puppy, was one of twenty-seven dogs who received a ride to a new life and a new name courtesy of Lakota Animal Care, RedRover and a generous grant from

From June 5 to June 7, RedRover assisted Lakota Animal Care in relocating Sneakers and other free-roaming dogs from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The relocation program was a lifesaving effort backed by the Oglala Sioux Tribe to solve the Reservation’s dog overpopulation problem. Five RedRover Responders volunteers deployed from California, Colorado and Iowa to bring the dogs to a temporary emergency shelter at the Crazy Horse School.

There, the dogs received physicals, vaccinations, fresh food and water and the special one-on-one care that RedRover Responders volunteers are trained to provide.

Following medical examinations, RedRover Responders volunteers spent extra time with the timid dogs to socialize them. Sometimes, they had to coax them from carriers with a few extra treats (as shown here).

One RedRover Responders volunteer who cared for Sneakers said: "She was very shy at first, but she let us pet her and really came out of her shell during the time we spent with her."

After a couple of days in the care of RedRover, Sneakers was transported to the Sioux Falls Humane Society in South Dakota where she was placed up for adoption. All the dogs moved off the reservation have been placed with groups pledged to find them forever homes.

Within a week, a family fell in love with Sneakers. Today she answers to "Lola" when two young boys to call her into the garden to play. "Our two sons fell in love with her the moment we took her for a walk. In fact, she was the first and only dog we walked at the Sioux Falls Humane Society that day," reported the parents.

“Lola is one of the most gentle and affectionate dogs we have ever met. She becomes more playful every day,” Lola’s family told RedRover. “Thank you very much for the work you do to help animals like Lola. We will make sure she has a fantastic home to grow old in.”

In June, a GreaterGood project helped underwrite the transportation and other expenses for twenty dogs. If you'd like to support this program, learn more about it in the Gifts That Give More section of The Animal Rescue Site.

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