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Snuggles the abused cat is reunited with her litter

Sometimes a story about an animal going through a harrowing experience has a happy ending. Such is the case with Snuggles, a cat who was rescued from a laundromat at a California apartment complex last week.

According to, the feline, who was bound in duct tape and thrown into clothes dryer, is recovering well from her injuries.

"The reasonable suspicion is that somebody turned the machine on," John Welsh of the Riverside County Animal Services told the news outlet. "The cat had a fractured tooth and there was minor internal bleeding in her left eye."

Riverside officials also suspected that the animal recently had a litter of kittens. In a fortunate turn of events, authorities were able to locate her offspring and the family has been reunited once again. The animals are being cared for by foster parents and will soon be available for adoption.

Those who witness an act of animal cruelty or believe one of our furry friends is being abused are encouraged to contact their local shelter. One phone call could save an animal's life.
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