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South African rhinos survive after poaching attack

Two rhinoceroses are in critical condition in South Africa after they were dehorned in an attack by poachers, AFP reports.

The bull and pregnant cow had their horns hacked off with a machete, according to officials from the Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve in Worcester, near Cape Town, which is helping with the animal rescue. The animals were also given a large amount of morphine before they were dehorned by the poachers, the news source reports.

The attack seems to be part of a trend in South Africa this year, according to the nation's national park board. Poachers have killed a record 405 rhinos since the start of 2011 - in 2007, only 13 killings were recorded.

The Florida-based International Rhino Federation has begun raising money to save the dwindling rhinoceros population in South Africa, according to Business Week. Michael Knight, the head of park planning and development for the country's national parks department, recently announced that the funds would be used for education projects for park employees - like teaching them how to safeguard evidence at crime scenes at reserves and parks.

An anonymous donor kicked off the fundraising campaign with $25,000, the news source reports. 
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