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Southern states need animal rescue efforts

Southern states in the U.S. were struck with heavy tornadoes, leading to death and displacement for many. Among the losses are animals and pets whom rescue workers are trying very hard to find at the moment, according to a recent report from WKRG.

In Alabama, cats and dogs, as well as other animals, are sometimes hard to find after a natural disaster such as the recent tornadoes.

This is because animals go into hiding and then are afraid to come out, because their surroundings look completely different.

"For many tornado victims, finding their pets [is] just as important as any other recovery effort. Their animals are part of the family, and it's a race against time to find them alive under the rubble," reports Lauren Styler of WKRG News.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is estimating that thousands of animals have been hurt or killed as a result of the disaster.

According to the Humane Society, there are more than 77 million dogs and 93 million cats who have homes in the United States. However, many more are in need of adoption and families who are considering a new pet should look at animal shelters where they can save an animal's life.

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