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Spread the Word: Hartz Recalls Dog Treats

Dog Treat Recall

U.S.-based Hartz Mountain Corporation announced a voluntary recall of two types of dog treat after tests detected trace amounts of an unapproved antibiotic. According to the press release:

[R]ecent Hartz testing found trace amounts of unapproved antibiotic residue in samples of Hartz® Chicken Chews™ and Oinkies® Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken products. Even though two-thirds of the products we tested did not contain antibiotic residues, we would rather be overly cautious by voluntarily withdrawing these products from the market.

The recall comes in the wake of recent concerns linking Chinese-made pet treats to illness and death in thousands of pets. The FDA continues to investigate but has been unable to determine the exact cause, prompting a petition calling for an immediate ban on the Chinese treats until more is known. Over sixty thousand concerned pet owners have already signed.

The most recent recall goes on to state that the antibiotic, which is approved for use in China but not the US, has caused "no known illnesses," and the withdrawal is a precautionary measure.

The full press release, including contact information for a refund, can be read here.

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