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Stranded gosling bonds with rabbit friends

André the gosling has been having a tough time bonding with other geese - instead he'd rather be with his rabbit family, reports the Times Colonist.

André was found abandoned on a driveway at about 11 weeks-old and was brought to the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs, British Columbia, Canada.

"The parrots would have ripped him apart, so I took him down to the barn and that's where he met his friends," Susan Vickery, the director of the Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society rabbit sanctuary, which is near the Parrot Refuge, told the source.

His new family became two baby rabbits who would snuggle with him for safety.

Unfortunately, now that André is bigger, other geese haven't accepted him yet because there's something about him they don't identify with, Kari Marks, manager of British Colombia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' (B.C. SPCA) Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre told the source.

In 2010, the B.C. SPCA rescued 33,762 injured, abandoned or stray animals and helped 1,848 orphaned wild animals, including 1,283 birds, according to the SPCA site.

According to the Victoria Times Colonist, Andre was recently released by the B.C. SPCA and is finally interacting with other members of his own species.
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